Woodford County Public Schools in Versailles, Kentucky implements Matrix to track student performance across multiple assessment measurements
Matrix addresses challenges faced by many K-12 districts
Automated scheduling module, to help place students into clinical rotations, as part of its clinical tracking system, eCLAS

About Us - Who We Are

Who We Are.


We're a close-knit family of engineers, scientists, designers and analysts and we live to make better web-based applications to solve complex business problems in the education and corporate sectors.

We’re all about efficiency. We are a resourceful group, wearing multiple hats and relying on few support personnel. We embrace the pursuit of knowledge and all members of our team hold advanced degrees in either computer science, business, journalism and/or education. But we’re not all about degrees and qualifications and certifications - for us, true merit goes way beyond that. Passion and imagination are a couple of key qualities.

We avoid meaningless activity, long meetings, and RFPs that don't get straight to the point. We shun indecisiveness, formalities, and too many rules. We love writing code, solving complex problems, and working hard. We’re all about recognizing merit, and creating an environment where smart people can reach their potential. We consider honesty, responsiveness, flexibility, and open-mindedness to be key personality characteristics.

We are extremely dedicated to our client relationships and believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships.  We like it when clients ask questions and challenge us with new innovations, where they provide as much value to us as we do for them in terms of improving our systems through their requests and suggestions.

We are our own biggest critic, and we aren’t satisfied with anything we create at the outset. We tweak and re-tweak it to make it better.  In other words, we aren’t happy with anything we create, until it's perfect. However, perfection is impossible. And we derive enormous joy and fulfillment from striving toward it.

Our Mission
  • To build a better future for our clients and ourselves by becoming a leader in the e-business industry.
  • To develop a mutually supportive organizational environment that generates resourceful industry solutions and encourages creativity, innovation, growth, and success.
  • To be committed to creating greater value for our clients by providing the highest quality consulting services and state-of-the-art software products.
Wordle: we are

To better understand who we are, consider this generalization:
Most people fall into one of the following three categories:
1. Problem-solvers.

2. Solution seekers.

3. Know-it-alls.
We work hard to be in the first group and when we aren't in the first, then you’ll find us in the second, but you’ll never find us in the third. We are the creative problem-solvers and solution-seekers. Which also describes the clients we want to work with and the employees we want to hire.

We are NOT
Wordle: we are not