Woodford County Public Schools in Versailles, Kentucky implements Matrix to track student performance across multiple assessment measurements
Matrix addresses challenges faced by many K-12 districts
Automated scheduling module, to help place students into clinical rotations, as part of its clinical tracking system, eCLAS

About Us - What We Do

What We Do.



We love the web, we love technology, and we live and breathe it.
  We’re constantly researching, developing and finding new ways to leverage the web.  [Did I mention research and development?] We are constantly looking for challenges related to software development.   We do tricky things so that our clients will never have to.  We create web-based applications to make your life easier.  
Our ability to successfully cross-leverage the expertise and experience across so many verticals gives us a distinct edge. We have been fortunate in working in a very diverse set of business areas on highly complex projects. 

Today, we have one of the most comprehensive sets of integrated and customizable products for the K-12 sector. We also have one of the broadest set of solutions in the Content Management Area for Universities and Corporations.
The ability to customize products quickly and cost-effectively to meet unique needs is a major part of our application architecture philosophy. We do not need our clients to change their processes to work with our products.  Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into our clients' processes.

Sectors We Work In

We work with many forward-thinking clients in these three areas:

1.  K-12 school districts

2.  Higher Education

3.  Corporations 

Our Work

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K-12 School Districts

We provide the most comprehensive suite of web-based products for K-12 school districts. 
This includes ContentM K12 (our revolutionary content management system), eCurriculum (our curriculum management system), Inservice (professional development tracking system) and ExamN (online assessments).
We have a whole slew of other products available for school districts. 
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For universities, our focus is to revolutionize the way that curriculum is organized and accessed.  Our product suite, eMedley, consists of eCurriculum, our clinical tracking systems (eCLAS, eKeeper, eduSched and eValuate), and ExamN.  

These tools enable higher education institutions to pin point critical information about their programs and evaluate their processes, as well as organize, maintain, and improve their curriculum.  

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We work in a number of different industries on enterprise level custom projects and CMS implementations. 
We're selective about the projects we take on. 
Our focus in the corporate sector is to solve complex business problems to improve the processes of an entire department or an entire organization.
Key areas of expertise include EAI, Data Mining/Analytics  and WCM.

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