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A Thousand Different Reports. Just Three Clicks.

Powerful, Fast, and Flexible

One of the most iconic reports within Matrix is our lightning fast Drilldown report, which allows school districts to dissect their entire set of data in any way they can imagine using just a few clicks. Our Drilldown report processes hug...

AP Predictor: Using Data to Drive Decisions

The AP Predictor report in Matrix is designed to identify students who are likely to do well in AP courses, so staff can be sure those students know about their AP course options. The predictive element is taken from research published by The College Board showing a strong correlation betwe...

Everyone has data. Our goal is to have everyone use it.

You have the data. We've spent the last few weeks getting it all from your piles of spreadsheets and student information system into Matrix. Now what do you do?

Luckily, Matrix isn't just a data warehouse. Yes, Matrix stores all kinds of data ranging from Fountas and Pi...

Behavior Documentation and Tracking for K-12

Helping districts use data to take more proactive steps towards behavior incidents.   

To effectively analyze and improve a student’s performance, teachers often need access to data beyond a student’s test scores. One example of...

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