ExamN is designed to help administrators and teachers create tests easily, schedule and track tests efficiently, grade tests quickly, and respond to students' needs effectively.

Looking for a way to do indepth performance reporting, data warehousing and dashboarding?

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1. Build 2. Test 3. Report

Quickly and easily build valuable tests by formatting questions at the click of a button. Create easy-to-use question banks and align questions to state, common core or college-readiness standards. Save and share question banks for future use.
Administer tests in three ways: online within an allotted time frame, with customized bubblesheets, or with SMART Response™ Clickers in the classroom. Also take advantage of the customizable rubrics option for quick and objective grading.
View over 30 reports in a matter of seconds. Quickly and easily analyze student, class and teacher reports. Each report yields valuable and easy-to-understand information which can be used to make important classroom decisions.

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